curvy Magazine

curvy is sister of the curly magazine and is a monthly indie fashion magazine created in June 2020.

The magazine aims to explore the artistic side of fashion.curvy strives to be a medium of artistic expression for photographers, designers and all the creatives involved in the world of fashion.

We like to publish fashion professionals who have decided to explore their artistic fibers and our selection criterias are based on creativity, innovation and daring.

This high-quality web and print publication aim to explore fashion, photography and art through ideas, concepts and aesthetics that will give a unique point of view to images.

Our personal interests go beyond the idea of freshness. We like to move away from the trends of all traditional hair-beauty and fashion magazines. We prefer to highlight the fundamental and expressive way of expressing the art of hair-beauty, and that each hairstylist manages to transmit in his art.

everyone wants to see
curvy women.

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